Strategic Quality Plan

These partnerships will be grounded in, and in alignment with, the 2016-2018 Strategic Quality Plan of the Bon Secours Health System. This Strategic Quality Plan is a direct outgrowth and expression of the ministerial experience of the Sisters of Bon Secours and the Bon Secours Health System. The plan is an expression of the voice of the many stakeholders  as well as the communities in which we serve.

The goals of the 2016-2018 Strategic Quality Plan are as follows:

  1. Co-Create Healthy Communities

    We recognize that the factors which drive health outcomes extend well beyond the scope of traditional health care services. Thus, we commit to improve the health of our communities through partnership and collaboration with a broad range of constituencies including committed community residents.

  2. Be Person Centric

    We recognize that those whom we serve are increasingly engaged in their own care and are seeking convenience, affordability and reliability. Thus, we commit to anticipate and respond to the changing expectations of health consumers, and to ensure that we engage each person in an individualized plan for health with a focus on prevention and wellness.

  3. Serve Those who are Vulnerable

    We recognize, by our Catholic identity, that the struggle for a more humane world is not an option, but an integral part of spreading the Gospel. Thus, we commit to serve those who are vulnerable in many ways, addressing health disparities, sustaining global ministries, healing the environment and working to end violence and oppression.

  4. Strengthen our Culture and Capabilities

    We recognize that the health care delivery system is undergoing rapid change with increasing complexity. Thus, we commit to liberate the potential of our people by strengthening individual and collective capabilities with respect to ministry leadership, knowledge, analytics, innovation and finances.