Cross-Cultural Services

Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence

Cross-Cultural Services enhance the quality of our person-centered care through a better understanding of the many aspects of diversity, including ethnicity, language, religion, disability, gender, and much more. The Office of Cross-Cultural Services provides comprehensive language services, and serves as a resource for employees as well as for patients and families.

To contact us, email or call 804-627-5010.

Comprehensive Language Services

  • Multilingual medical interpretation and document translation for persons with limited English, those who are sight impaired, and persons who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Services available at each hospital, physician practice, the mobile Care-A-Van, and at other ancillary services, e.g. imaging, diabetes centers, etc.
  • Interpreter training and in-servicing for bilingual and multilingual staff

Other Cross-Cultural Services

  • Cultural and multilingual navigator for patients and staff
  • Staff education in Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence
  • Diversity & Inclusion employee teams on all campuses
  • Collaboration with diverse community associations

Global Ministries

Bon Secours has a long-standing commitment to Peru and Haiti, and is building a strategy to support sustainable health care in certain other developing countries as well.

Efforts include:

For more about Global Ministries, contact