Cardiac Rehabilitation

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

After a heart attack or other major heart event, getting your heart back into shape is an important part of fully recovering. A cardiac (heart) rehabilitation program, often called cardiac rehab, can help.

Cardiac rehab is for people recovering from heart attacks, heart surgery (open-heart or laparoscopic), heart or lung transplants, heart failure, angina and similar conditions.

In these programs, healthcare professionals make a personalized plan for you to follow to improve your health. You may work with doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, exercise physiologists, licensed clinical social workers, occupational therapists and registered dietitians.

You’ll be given an exercise program that is tailored for you, and you’ll do the exercise program at cardiac rehab facilities while monitored by medical professionals. The close monitoring of your heart during exercise makes sure that you are exercising at the right intensity for your body and your heart.

Besides exercise classes, you’ll have education sessions, covering topics such as eating healthy and quitting smoking. You’ll work with registered dietitians to develop an eating plant that is right for you. You’ll receive emotional support from social workers, and you can access individual therapy as needed as well.

Talk with your cardiologist
to see if you’ll need cardiac rehab after your heart disease treatment.