Celebrating our nurses

Monday, May 6, 2019

Addressing multiple complex medical conditions, meeting physical, spiritual, and emotional needs through an extended illness, celebrating new life, showing compassion during the transition from this life to the next, sharing in the happiness of miracles. All of this describes another day in the life of a nurse. If you ask nurses how they maintain the stamina to do their work day in and day out, you’ll hear a resounding answer: “I love helping people.”

Nurses have a special place in our hearts for the way they travel with us through joys and sorrows and for the way they help us navigate our varying journeys as we travel our path of life.

As a healthcare system, nurses make up the largest part of Bon Secours Health System’s workforce. We as an organization are thankful for those who have answered the call to one of the most noble and rewarding professions of nursing. Their choice into a career of service is both challenging and rewarding, and their depth of commitment is remarkable.

We would like to thank our nurses for their level of expertise in providing nursing care to our patients and for the passion and excellence with which they deliver this care. The depth of their commitment to each other and to being Good Help to Those in Need® is evident as we offer hope, health, and healing to our patients, families, and communities. It is for this commitment that we thank all of our nurses at Bon Secours Health System, and it’s why they mean the world today and always.

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